My Name is Emma Blemings I am 35 I have a gorgeous Husband whom I adore and three beautiful girls aged ten, five and one who have all suffered from severe reflux. I am the Queen of sleepless nights but I cherish every second of it because soon they will all be wobbly headed ‘I know better’ teenagers.

I am  currently studying Creative Writing at Edge Hill University and although very tiring at times I love it, I am Emma there not Mummy of Wifey, I bloody love it.

I am probably going to be utter shite at this however I thought fuck it nobody knows me. I can be ME and nobody can do or say fuck all about it.

This blog will be my creative work and also my emotional spills and rants that will sometimes come across as fucked up. I’m not bothered though because everyone has an inner self nobody knows about well this is mine.

Enjoy xxx


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