Truest Love

Poker Face Carved in stone
Damn my situation and the games I have to play
Lived in the dark I have been acting crazy
And I am lost and I can’t even say why
But I’m no wiser than the fools before
Now we’re slipping near the edge
You took your last chance once again
So alone I keep the wolves at bay
Such a beautiful myth that’s breaking my skin
But my song wouldn’t break the seal
Come away where they can’t temp us with there lies.
You’re always calling from the darkest moods and were both scared
It’s more or less the things you fail to say in your way that’s your trouble
There is a light and it never goes out.


Media Love

What made me behave that way saying words I never say
But I can’t find the words you teach my heart to speak
Don’t do all the talking let love speak up itself
And the songbird’s keeps singing like they know the score
When it’s just the two of us only the two of us I could die
We’ve been through it all and you love me just the same
Some people need three dozen roses and that’s the only way to prove you love them
And though my edges maybe rough and never feel I’m quite enough
I’ll be the one to show you the way
Reasons only knew but it’s you I fell into
You’ll be there between each pain and glory
From the highest mountain valley low we’ll join together with hearts of gold
The daylight seems to want you just as much as I need you
Cause I’ll be you and you’ll be me there’s lots and lots for us to see


foreseeing the future of his capabilities diminish
outcome uninviting
valuing [his] pleasing past
inevitably crushing
former existence dishevelled
beating down the age race
pain to stop [the]
pains the mind to let it be
inseparable to his historical actuality
he welters over his ails
in the anticipation
in the hope
in the eagerness
they find his remedy


How can they take this intensity away from its own existence?
She wants to be emaciated with it all.
The unforgiving nature always embeds sickly with no remorse.
Darkness entwines itself around her.
She wants to live alongside the detriment of herself.
Forever she will want to be known as the unknown.
She will.
She will.
She will never be unknown.
For she’s around us all.