Sat on a blanket near a rolling stream.
Watching the older two playing skimming stones with their dad.
The youngest is here with me eating a ham butty, happy as Larry (whoever he is.)
The sound of the water relaxes me, as does the sun on my shoulders.
I have brought a book that I know I won’t read, (so why bring it? I don’t know.)
Wow no electronics and the children can still laugh (amazing)
Youngest now wants some ‘cock’ (coke)
If social services could hear her mispronounced words they’d have a field day
I show the girls how to make daisy chains I’m in my element. (See I am cool.)
We all roll our clothes up and go paddling in the stream.
Today I spent no money and they’ve had so much fun.
I want to freeze frame this day please let me

If only just for a little while.


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