You struggle with your beauty.
I have no idea why.
You struggle with your weight.
Wait, hang on you’re ten.
If you would listen to me,
I would tell you how your eyes light up a whole room when you smile.
Your outward beauty stuns me like a rabbit in headlights.
Every time I look at you I wonder how I managed it.
I know you won’t listen – I never did.
Your inner beauty defies all odds, for such a young soul you’re wise beyond your years.
Why can’t you see what I see?
What everybody sees?
You truly are the Queen Bee.
The Swan on a lake of tears.
I don’t care what your peers say.
I wouldn’t waste a breath.
It breeds from jealousy and insecurities on their part.
Shine, Shine for you are as beautiful as the night’s sky.
As beautiful as a sun setting on a warm day.
I might put you on a pedestal – but for me that is where you belong.

For me,
You will always be there.


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