Alexandria so small and innocent,
yet you already know where your place is.
You are beautiful, to even the most judgemental eye.
Your babbles at five in the morning are surprisingly refreshing.
When you smile, I get an electric shock and the current running through it is love.
I worry about you the most, you’re poorly and so little and I can’t fix it.
I hate myself for that!
But you will not let it faze you, your personality already beaming through.
Defiant like a Tiger catching its prey.
I wonder how you will grow, and how you will fit in to this world.
I sit and watch you sleep, the way you suckle on a dummy that is not there.
The little noises you make, and when I kiss you, you take an intake of breath like you are breathing me in.
Alexandria you are my beauty,
my lightness in my darkened days,
my midnight friend.


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